Been Organic, Been BC

Hi, We're Northern Lights Organics.

Northern Lights Organics is an experienced cultivator of craft organic products since 2012 including hemp.

We are currently an ACMPR licence applicant for cannabis cultivation, sales and extraction.

Our mission is to produce B.C.’s finest organic hemp & cannabis products, using only natural, organic certified inputs, artesian water, and craft methods, produced in a sustainable way.

Been Organic

Since 2012

Our humble beginnings in 2012 was to grow certified wildcraft products, teas, produce, medicinals - all certified organic - on our one square mile sized farm. We have received over 6 organic certifications since inception.

BC'S Finest

Organic Hemp

This year, we were truly excited to grow our first test crop of outdoor hemp. In 2019 we expect to grow our first commercial crop of organically certified hemp. Our long-term focus is high CBD Organic Hemp for extraction. It is our goal to grow 100’s of acres of organic hemp and cannabis outdoors on our farm as a licenced grower.

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Organic Cannabis.The NLO Cannabis Campus.

Phase 1 of our indoor cannabis facility will be 68,000 square ft. Our facility will utilize a unique selection of technology to grow quality organic cannabis, in small batches in a carbon neutral, sustainable environment powered in part by recycled biomass. Our facility is being built within a traditional agricultural community in the heart of beautiful British Columbia.

Organic Roots.
Ancient Methods.

Naturally Magical

Organic, as we see it, means preserving the ancient farming techniques to achieve high-quality natural products.

The Organic Difference includes:

  • Organic Certified Soil
  • Crop residue is recycled
  • Soil is enriched, recycled and stored onsite
  • Site visits and audit from organic certification bodies
  • No irradiation or microwaving
  • Air dried and cured
  • Artesian water
  • No pesticides, herbicides

One of four LP’s/ applicants in Canada who plan to produce


57% of Canadian consumers prefer organically grown products

Giving Back

Opportunity begets reciprocation. While we have been very fortunate as a new company born on a farm with decades of history, we are mindful of our roots, communities, and the people who contribute to our success.

We are proud to bring jobs and hope to a region hit hard by Pine Beetle deforestation, like many small towns in BC, ours has felt the effects.

From our master growers, to cultivation artists, to customer care staff, we always try to hire local and support the this fantastic community.